VSBS Chairperson Message

Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), is founded on Swami Vivekanand’s philosophy. For him, education is ‘ man-making’. Education, in a broader perspective, is a way to solve the social problems and evils that the society has been inflicted within the aftermath of tremendous emphasis on materialism. Education, according to Swami Vivekanand, plays the role of awakening man where he/she is able to balance materialism and spiritualism. He defines education as ‘the manifestation of the perfection already in man’. For him, physical health is important since ‘a sound mind resides in a sound body’. The mind needs to be controlled by the power of concentration trained through meditation. Education is, thus, a process of processing accumulated information, strengthening the mind and sharpening intellect to realize one’s own self and become confident in carrying out one’s tasks legally, morally and ethically. Following Swami Vivekanand’s philosophy, VIPS imparts not only the domain-specific knowledge but also builds the character of its students.

All of us have knowledge which education helps to discover. Thus, the role of the teacher is not to ‘teach’ but to invoke the curiosity of inquiry and logical thinking in the students who will discover answers and solutions at their own. At VIPS, we practice participative and self-learning and use multiple pedagogy for this purpose.

VIPS offers professional courses which prepare students for carrying out specific professions (like a lawyer, software engineer, manager) professionally. A professional may or may not have professionalism. Professionalism is a mindset, an attitude, a way of life. Professionalism certainly requires one to have the perfect knowledge and skills, but more importantly, it requires one to be passionate about one’s task, do it diligently and enjoy it, adhere to the highest level of legal, moral and ethical values, have a humane approach, respect colleagues and care for those whom he/she is serving and the society.

At VIPS, all of us – faculty, staff, and management – will honestly follow Swami Vivekanand’s philosophy and together with the parents, will shape the characters of our students who will not only live to make money but will strengthen their mind and spirit and serve the society.

Prof. I.M.Pandey
Vice President & Dean, School of Management, AIT, Thailand
Dean & Acting Director, IIM, Ahmedabad
Professor, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi