Visit to Goonj

The visit was organized by the HR society (Parivartan) of VSBS, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. Total 47 students participated in the visit under the guidance of two faculty members namely, Dr. Poonam Khurana (Convener HR Society) and Dr. Nikita Agrawal (Co-Convener HR Society).

Goonj is a non-governmental organization headquartered in Delhi, India which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and community development in parts of 23 states across India. Goonj focuses on clothing as a basic but unaddressed need. It was founded in 1999 by Mr. Anshu Gupta. Goonj as an organization grows as an idea across regions, economies, and countries using urban discards as a tool to alleviate poverty and enhance the dignity of the poor in the world. It has built a network of communities from urban to village areas, channelizing material as a tool to address crucial gaps in rural infrastructure, water, environment, livelihood, education, health, disaster relief and rehabilitation.

Learning from the Visit

It visit was a great learning experience. Goonj Processing Centres are the first point where all material collected from the cities goes through a rigorous process of sorting, segregating, repairing and packaging before dispatching it to the remotest villages of India. The process material because they give more importance to the receiver’s respect than the dignity of the giver. They use the under-utilized and excess urban household material as a tool for rural development. The conversation and discussion at the center helped the students understand a great life lesson that true happiness lies in giving and not receiving. What really matters is giving and sharing and treating everyone with equity. Students had the privilege to acquaint themselves with people who have devoted their whole lives for the betterment of society; with no self-gain or greedy motive behind. The volunteers were very creative and enthusiastic. Their processing mechanism was designed in such a manner that they used every bit of the material received in one way or another. Another great concept introduced by Goonj was “Goonj ki Gullak” which is given free of cost to the visitors. The motive is to fill the Gullak not for yourself but for others.


List of Participants

Utsav BCOM 5B
Himanshi BCOM 3A
Richa BCOM 3B
Pragati BCOM 3B
Malika BCOM 3B
NamanBCOM 3B
MehekBCOM 3B
Sakshi JainBCOM 3C
Manav Sharma BCOM 1B
RuchirBCOM 1B
Manav BCOM 1B
MithaliBCOM 1B
Parteek BCOM 1B
Keshav BCOM 1B
NitinBCOM 1B
Rajat BCOM 1B
Mohini BCOM 1B
Manav JindalBCOM 1B
ParamBCOM 1B
MananBCOM 1B
KanishkBCOM 1B
NakulBCOM 1B
Vanshika GossainBCOM 1C
Shashank BCOM 3C
ShrutiBCOM 3C
VikrantBCOM 3C
Shubham Jain BCOM 1C
Vibhas MishraBCOM 1C
Shivanshu MitalBCOM 1C
Yashu JindalBCOM 3C
Tushar BCOM 1C
ShrutiBCOM 1C
Ridhi BCOM 3B
PrishtiBCOM 3B
Kashish BCOM 3B
Ritika Jain BCOM 3C
Vanshika Jain BCOM 3C
Mansha Jain BCOM 3C
DhairyaBCOM 3C
Kushagra BCOM 3D
Gargi BoseBCOM 3D
Aman Gupta BCOM 3D

Faculty Coordinators

Dr. Poonam Khurana (Convener HR Society)

Dr. Nikita Agrawal (Co – Convener HR Society)