One Dollar Venture

An on campus activity named One Dollar Venture was organized by VSBS, VIPS to bring out creative side of students and give them firsthand experience of setting and running a venture. The activity was organized to make students familiar with the opportunities and challenges of setting up a new venture. The students participated in teams where each team came up with an innovative business idea and set up a new venture. Every team pooled in $1, that is approximately, seventy-five rupees per person in a team of five members and sold their products or services within college premises. The event started at 12:30 P.M. with a briefing delivered by Dr. Meenakshi Gandhi. Each team got two and a half hours to execute their business idea and generate maximum revenue. At the end of the given time period, each team presented its business idea in detail through a power point presentation. After the presentations, the teams were given feedback about their ventures and performance.

Details of the participants:

A total of nine teams participated in the activity with each team having 5 members.

Rounds in the activity:

(1). Idea Execution: Each team arranged the resources, set up a venture and sold their products/services.


(2). PowerPoint Presentation: The teams presented a summary of their ventures covering the idea, idea sustainability, investment outlay, revenue and profit earned.


The judging criteria:

The teams were judged on the basis of profit earned with the team earning maximum profit securing the first position.

Results of the activity:

  • First Position
    Team 6: Hriday Kaushik, Aniket Ashra, Hritik Yadav, Garvit Malhotra and Ishu Mavar as team members (Venture Name- Eagle Gang)
  • Second Position
    Team 4: Siyam Malik, Raghav Gupta, Yash Gupta, Shreya Aggarwal and Vanshaj Gupta (Venture Name- Sweet and Spicy Tooth)