Incubation Cell

About the Incubation Cell, VIPS

Economic revival through inclusive development and youth empowerment is the only mechanism to propel the growth of a country. Make In India and AtmaNirbhar Bharat have been conceptualized as the route to the ambitious dream of a self-reliant India. Incubation Cell at VIPS, has been conceptualized to spur the spirit of Entrepreneurship in young students and to assist them to harbor new ideas and harness resources provided by the government to aid them to develop their ideas into concrete business plans.

Objectives of the Cell

The Cell aims to:

  • provide platform for new generation entrepreneurs to transform their business ideas into concrete business plans.
  • support early stage Innovative and Technology based startups with Business process awareness and market understanding.
  • nurture “incubates” through personal and business concept related mentoring, legal awareness and insights, technological assistance and intellectual property-related rules and procedures
  • facilitate SEED capital for the Student-Incubatees.
  • foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the institute by providing the students with skill development activities.
  • facilitate a mutually supportive community within the institute catalyzed through in-depth interaction with other business incubators and experts.
  • create value-added jobs and services for society.

Facilities under the Incubation Cell, VIPS

The institute offers following benefits to the Student Incubatee:-

  • Development of Detailed Business Plans with Feasibility Reports
  • Conduct Indepth Market Research and Analysis to understand the potential for the idea
  • Guide through the Formal establishment of a new Company
  • Facilitate registration of the newly established organization
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report for SEED money
  • Provide technology and infrastructureto gestate ideas
  • Guide through the process of IPR process and protection guidance
  • Training programs to nurture the mindset of creating jobs
  • Provide comprehensive information resource to enrich inputs for product and market
  • Develop Projected Financial Statements with Cash Flows and Overall Profitability

Activities under the Incubation Cell, VIPS

The institute has also signed a MOU with VYOM SMART Foundation and VYOM Digital Services to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship with social inclusiveness. The students are motivated to start their own ventures in the areas of Smart living and Smart Health projects, E-Agriculture and Rural Health, E-Call centers and creating Self-Help Groups for rural economic development. The institute also arranges workshops and guest lectures of young and successful entrepreneursto be role models and an inspiration for students who have dreams and the courage to take risks.

Report on Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme by MSME,2021

The Incubation Cell of VIPS organized an Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India from 8th March 2021 to 19th March 2021. The batch size comprised 25 students from the departments of Business Studies and Information Technology.
The programme started with an inaugural session on 8th March 2021 whereby Dr Ashu Lamba, Assistant Professor, VSBS welcomed the guests. Smt. Sakthi Rani, Assistant Director, MSME-Development Institute explained the objective of the programme to the students. The chief guest of the event was Sh. Piyush Aggarwal, Deputy Director, MSME-DI. The keynote address was delivered by Dr Indira Bhardwaj, Dean, VSBS. After the inaugural session, the students were formally registered for this programme and the officials of MSME-DI verified their documents.

The programme was aimed at imparting education to students on several aspects of entrepreneurship. During the entire workshop, the students were acquainted with the different financing schemes provided by the government for running a business enterprise. They were also apprised of the issues in starting a business enterprise. They were given knowledge on the concepts of feasibility, business ideation, taxation, marketing strategies to name a few. The students got an opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and practitioners from diverse fields.
The workshop ended on 19th March 2021 with a valedictory session. Sh. Neeraj Sharma, Assistant Director, MSME and Sh. Kapil Parashar, Director, Vyom Digital Services were the chief guests of the valedictory session. Dr Indira Bhardwaj, Dean, VSBS felicitated the guests and delivered a vote of thanks. The session ended with providing certificates to the students.
It was a very useful and engaging programme for the students. This was quite helpful in the wake of the pandemic due to COVID-19. The students learnt the importance of contributing towards socio-economic development which is possible through initiating their own business start-ups.

Business ideas nurtured under Incubation Cell, VIPS

Aditya Goel, BBA, Batch 2014-2017
Founder-QuirkyByte Media Ltd.

About the Organization: QuirkyByte Media Ltd. is a digital content start-up founded by Aditya Goel on May 4, 2015. It covers trending and utility-based articles and informative videos across different categories like Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Technology etc., particularly meant for readers with diverse tastes and interests, but at the same time niche genre lovers can also find interesting material. The underlying idea is to provide budding writers and creative people a platform to express themselves and earn a decent income from their creativity.

VISION: To become a global creative platform for budding writers and offer best quality content to readers across the spectrum.
MISSION:To be the leading and most profitable brand in the blogosphere with a sense of quality consciousness towards our readers.
Present Status: QuirkyByte is a highly successful professional online content platform worth over a million dollars at present, according to World of Web Academy, employing over 50 people as Bloggers, Coders, Graphic designers, Video editors, SEO experts etc. It has a media collaborationwith Cyber Media Services, one of the leading digital agencies in India for revenue optimization through Google Adsense and AdX, as well as partnership with premium ad-networks like Facebook Audience network (FAN), Media.Net (Microsoft & Yahoo Network) and MGID. It was nominated for a Webby award 2015 in the category of emerging e-zine andhas also won many accolades and recognitions at various forums.
Contribution of VIPS: The variety of Skill Development workshops organized at VIPS on themes such as Creative writing, Digital marketing, Entrepreneurial Development, Google analytics etc.; contributed a lot towards the success of the enterprise as it helped hone the skills and develop leadership abilities. Further, a number of VIPS students were hired by the start-up for different roles such as bloggers, video editors, SEO experts etc.

Soumya Chawla
Batch: 2014-17
Name of the Organization – Sai Auto Exports
She is a founder of the brand “Kairos”, that deals in exporting tailor made towels and bath soaps to several spas and hotels across 35 countries including Malaysia, Dubai etc. Recently, she has started an e-commerce brand “Pinkmom Cosmetics”; which imports High-End Cosmetics like Tarte, Benefit, Fentyetc from UK & USA and further caters to its a wide range of customers in pan India. According to her, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) has helped build her intellectual foundation which made her what she is today. The training and skill building efforts of the institution helped her develop business acumen and understand the working of the enterprise. The entrepreneurship and strategy courses guided her to face the day to day challenges of the business and overcoming them using problem solving and critical thinking abilities imbibed during her under graduation. The mentorship provided by faculty members shaped her learning curve and helped her become a better businesswoman.

Tanya Kamra
Tanya Kamra is from Sonepat, Haryana. She is a graduate from VIPS from batch 2016-2019 and has worked as an Assurance Associate in Ernst and Young. She is the founder of her venture PraTanya where she sells customised cakes and other types of pastries like brownies, cupcakes, donuts and chocolates. She practices new product ideas to provide customers with variety and beautiful delicacies. Since her product is perishable and delicate, she faces a challenge for range and scope of her products, therefore she operates only in Sonepat as of now.

Kushal Gupta
Batch -2014-2017
Kushal Gupta was passionate about IT and Marketing since 2010 when he was merely in my 10th Grade. He had floated a start up named “The Spoon Project” in his second year of graduation. The idea behind the name was to give a taste (glimpse) of what the person is going to order before ordering it and also solving the restaurant’s problem of the quality and the look of the dish which mattered to the customer. His next venture “Adsversify” was founded in November 2016, with an aim to digitally market cafes and restaurants. Adsversify was officially initiated in the month of December 2016. He began small with a total of 3 people working to make it big. The team consisted of a Graphic Designer and a Content Writer, and I was handling Sales and Management. Kushal has worked our days and nights off to make it reach the top, with clients putting trust in us and our services.

In May 2017, the firm completed 50 clients in the marketing agency and thought of holding down the idea of The Spoon Project for a while, and it turned into the so-called Brand into a Private Limited Company – Adsversify Marketing Pvt. Ltd, recognition, which was an achievement in itself. At the end of 2018, the venture successfully expanded the team to 8 people and served a total of 150 brands and ensured each and every brand had its targets fulfilled. In December 2019, Adsversify was awarded for making the maximum PHP websites in the shortest time by BWDA Ratings. At the end of the year 2020, the startup was awarded as the 5th Most Creative Agency Globally by DesignRush magazine. As of 2021, it has a team of 22 people with 2 offices in Delhi and a client base of 800, that has grown into a family and mission to keep working hard each day to provide end to end client servicing. Till date the company has worked with top-class clients, to name a few- USHA, Surya Group, Dilli Durbar, Grand Venice Mall, Jayanti Group, Shree Ram Global School Chain, GD Goenka, Mankind India & many more. Kushal feels grateful to the faculty members who motivated him to start his venture. In his opinion, VIPS has contributed a lot in the form of giving exposure in different extra-curricular activities. The institute has helped him in honing the skills in the areas of entrepreneurship and strategy.

AnthaPrerna, ED Cell of VSBS

AnthaPrerna, Entrepreneurship Development Cell of VSBS, VIPS. Antha means “Inner” and Prerna means “Motivation”. AnthaPrerna is the cell that dwells on the idea of inner motivation, as the name suggests.

We at AnthaPrerna believe in stimulating Entrepreneurial skills by providing opportunities which let students learn and transform. We discern the significance of having eminent professional relationships in the current corporate era. We believe in building associations and communicating with potential entrepreneurs. We at AnthaPrerna aim to generate entrepreneurial skills among students and help them to channelize their goals to become a versatile entrepreneur.

AnthaPrerna conducts various sessions, webinars, master classes, conclaves and various activities stimulates entrepreneurial skills in students.

AnthaPrerna conducted various activities and master class this session ,and invitedentrepreneurs like Vishal Lalani , Ankur , PabibenRabari , NitinLalit , NileshPriyadarshi , Jitendra Singh , AdityaArora , MukulJuneja and corporates like KunalTyagi and Abhishek Dave.