VSBS department has always endeavored holistic development of the students. To make our students industry ready and aid their communication and interview skills, the department conducted a GDPI training program for all the courses. A total of 37 students enrolled in this activity which was divided in two phases. Each phase involved one mock GD session for students and detailed personal interview session along with personalized feedback for each student. These sessions were very rigorous and incorporated latest GD topics and interview questions to grill the students so that they can perform better in GDs and PIs for final placements/ internships and higher studies. The module was a great success with very positive student feedback.



“People learn best not by being told, but by experiencing the consequences of their thoughts and actions.”A resume is used to make a favourable impression on a prospective employer and is often the first impression a potential employer has of any candidate. Keeping this in mind, Corporate Grooming sessions were conducted by Vivekananda School of Business Studies for second and third year students to prepare them well for the final Interviews. Following table presents the consolidated list of all the sessions conducted by VSBS during August 2018 to November 2018.

Corporate Grooming Session

“The placement cell has organized a session on ‘Corporate Grooming’ for the 5th semester students of VSBS on 10th September 2018. Mr. Manish Raj Sharma was invited to conduct the session. He is a national award winning trainer who is exceptionally talented in his field and delivered the same in the session. He connected with the participants by being humorous and also gave examples of millennial to logically explain his points. He showed various clips, one was of an aircraft crashing and how people present inside were reacting to the situation. He asked the participants to explain what they have learnt from the clip. Then he concluded that there were 2 important rules in the world of corporate that can be learned from this video

1) Respond & never react

2) Dump the unwanted fuel.


“He moved on to a new segment where he showed various examples, via Powerpoint Presentations, regarding ‘Corporate Lessons’. Then he encouraged the participants to actively participate in an activity which motivated them to look for the positives in people. He shared tips on how the students should differentiate themselves from the crowd by forming responses of unexpected questions and presenting themselves in a unique manner. All the participants took active participation in all the activities and were involved thoroughly in receiving the motives. It was a very interactive session.