ED Conclave 2021

Event Report

  • Name of the Organizing Department: Vivekananda School of Business Studies
  • Type of Activity/Event: Webinar
  • Title of Activity/Event: ED CONCLAVE
  • Date: 13th September 2021 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM
  • Venue: Online (Zoom)
  • Notice of the announcement of Activity / Event:

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of VSBS brings you an annual event of Antha Prerna, ED CONCLAVE with 7 young and successful entrepreneurs. The conclave shall highlight the challenges of an entrepreneur, the journey from ideation to success, and planning to execution. The goal is also to influence students to move towards the mission of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.

Date- 13th September 2021
Registration Link- https://forms.gle/ZsDe1gHWMDPbLnMw9

Name of the Guest(s) / Speaker(s):

1. Mr. Rajat Jaiswal, Co-Founder, Wat-a-Burger
2. Mr. Arpit Dhupar, CEO, Dharaksha
3. Ms. Samiksha Ganeriwal, Founder, Kagzi Bottles
4. Mr. Ayush Nigam, CEO and Co-Founder, Distinct Horizons
5. Ms. Manasa Gonchigar, Founder and CEO, PureScan AI
6. Mr. Rajesh Setia, Founder, Director, and Operations Head, Testpan India Pvt. Ltd.
7. Mr. Deepak Meena, Co-Founder, Flyzy

1. Faculty Co-ordinator(s): (Prof.) Dr. Meenakshi Gandhi
2. Student Co-ordinator(s):
2.1. Dikshant Agarwal (President)
2.2. Ishank Budhiraja ( Vice president)
2.3. Vidhi Durgapal (Secretary)
2.4. Sakshi Garg ( Media Head)
2.5. Rakshit Achra (Technical Head)
2.6. Hardik Khandelwal (Operation Head)
3. No. Of Students Participated: 204+

4. No. Of Faculty participated: 16
Dr. Indira Bhardwaj
Dr. Meenakshi Gandhi
Dr. Kritika
Dr. Ridhima
Dr. Jatin Vaid
Dr. M. Sriarthi
Dr. Isha Rawal
Dr. Karishma Gulati trehan
Dr. Renu
Dr. Timcy
Dr. Priya Sharma
Ms.Ashima Bhatnagar
Ms. Parul Manchanda
Ms. Jyoti Gupta
Ms. Tanu Sachdeva
Mr. Sant Kumar

The Entrepreneurship Club “Antha Prerna” of Vivekananda School of Business Studies (VSBS) organized an entrepreneurship development conclave on 13th September 2021 to give students deep insights into an entrepreneur’s life and to make them familiar with the challenges faced on their journey to success.

The conversation was initiated by Dikshant Agarwal, he extended a warm welcome to all and commenced the event by lamp lightening followed by veneration of goddess Saraswati. Then Dr. Indra Bhardwaj blessed us with her words, later Dr. Meenakshi Gandhi steer the event further effortlessly, welcomed all the esteemed dignitaries, and conducted the panel discussion. The panel started with the discussion on how all the guests identified their ideas or where they got the push to start their own business.

Mrs. Samiksha Ganeriwal was invited as the first speaker of the day. She is someone who firmly believes in sustainable development and finding something no one has done yet. She completed her MBA in 2006 and had an idea of using NWPP bags, which were disposable sheets nowadays massively used in the hospital and parlor industry. At that time, the cost of one NWPP bag was Rs.9 and the cost of one plastic bag was Rs.1. She dropped that idea as the people around her including her friends and family did not support her idea. After completing her MBA she worked in a lot of corporate companies like Ernst & Young, Standard chartered, etc. but was never happy with her job. She didn’t like the idea of working for someone, was always an entrepreneur from the heart, and hence left each of those companies within 1-1.5yrs of joining.
She wanted to give back to the environment and hence, went into the grassroots of the problem and found the solution in Kagzi Bottles, the first paper bottle without any plastic, aluminum particles which were 100% compostable. This time too, there were naysayers, but she just focused on her work and started her company in 2018. In the first year of starting her

The next speaker who joined us was Mr. Ayush Nigam, Co-Founder of Distinct Horizon. He is someone who found the existence of slums and inequalities illogical and absurd. He was an introvert in his school years and also a deep thinker. company, she also had given birth to her child and therefore, had to work from home to take care of her baby and her company. She persevered and continued to conduct experiments in her home in search of creating the perfect Kagzi Bottle and was able to create the first bottle in her home’s balcony. She also has plans to convert the yogurt cups, milk pouches which are one of the biggest environmental problems to paper and make them 100% compostable.

He used to think about these inequalities and wanted to make an impact. According to him, there are very simple solutions to World problems but we should focus on finding that one hit, with maximum ripple effect because at the end of the day, it is all about the impact.

He completed his BTech from IIT Madras, in mechanical engineering in 2008 and wanted to know where the urban poverty is coming from. After his research, he realised that rural poverty is leading to the migration of people to cities and this is creating the problem of overcrowding. To solve the challenges, he first formed a social lab that included both young people and experienced seniors. It was realised that there are a slew of interconnected problems that build up to these significant problems. Mr Nigam led this social club for three years, but he wasn’t satisfied with the outcomes or the influence it was having.

He moved on and Co-Founded Distinct Horizon which works on improving farmer income by training them and introducing new technologies. They have successfully developed tractor powered Urea Deep Applicator which is backed by the government and helps the marginalised farmers to double their profits and increase food production, while protecting the environment. AT the end of his speech, Mr Nigam told students to focus on leadership rather than the industrial age tactic of management and worker mentality. The drive to work has to come from within, so that the person working leads himself. He also emphasized the need of self-belief and confidence in oneself in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

Mr. Rajesh Setia, Founder, Director, and Operations Head of Testpan India, was invited after the students had received Mr Nigam’s valuable and intriguing insights. Mr Setia hails from a business family and earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Bharati Vidyapeeth in 1994, where he was named “Best Outgoing Student” and “One Man Army”. He very much believes and stands by the quote “if you really strive hard and work towards something, the universe makes sure you achieve it”. He began his lecture by telling the students about a life-changing event that took place when he was in tenth grade in 1987. He was an average student who usually sat in the back, but his teacher singled him out one day and instructed him to come to the front.

He told the students that he could have taken the gesture as an insult and been unhappy about it, or he could have taken it as a challenge and worked hard, and he chose the latter option. He told us that he always consider himself a student. He revealed that he started his first startup in 1998 but he failed. He emphasized on doing a job before starting a business. In 1997, he started out working as a sales manager and within 5 years he became a Country Head.

According to Mr Setia, success is an on-going process and not a milestone. In 2016, he launched Testpan India Pvt. Ltd. with a stronger business identity, soon winning assignments from almost all the top assessment companies of the country and bagging some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. He also told us about the startup schemes that the government of India is providing to entrepreneurs. He also talked about the start-up ecosystem. According to him, there are four stages of a startup: ideation, validation, early traction, and early revenue. When Covid hit the world in 2020, Mr. Setia realized that the world of tests was changing from the traditional pen and paper mode to online examination mode and started another company – BookMyTestCenter which provides examination through mobile app and e-platform. He also explained about design thinking and added that it is always good to fail cheaper than to fail expensive in your entrepreneurial journey.
“Success is never a milestone, it’s an ongoing journey”-Rajesh Setia

The webinar was continued by Mr. Rajat Jaiswal, also known as the Pilot-Burger man. He is the co-founder of Wat-a-Burger along with being an commercial pilot. He told us about his life as a pilot by saying that being a pilot left him a lot of time in his hands and he decided to utilize his time to open up a business. It took him 5 years of planning before opening his new venture named Wat-a-Burger, the first home-grown technology-driven Burger Chain Eco-System in India. He started this chain with a vision of Michelin quality with Indian passion to scale multi food into a first ever desi-international burger brand. Wat-a-Burger in 6+ years has opened 60+ stores with 8000+ servings per day.

The food menu was made in a way in which every inventory was easily scalable, he added. He said their challenge is to transcend burgers from the snack category into the 3-course meal. He also taught us to do things with a vision by following a step-by-step process. In his 12 years in aviation, he consistently evolved to learn market tactics to grow businesses and sustain different challenges. His ideology revolves around the fact that you always need to keep enhancing your skills to be able to work in various industries apart from aviation.

Manasa Gochingar, founder and CEO of PureScan AI— an agritech startup — whose product AflaScan, an optical device, does rapid aflatoxin assessment in maize and peanuts.

She told us that she always believed in the power of technology. During the third year of her college, she wanted to do something on her own and started working on fintech ideas. She revealed that she made a mistake by making a team of skilled people instead of passionate ones. She worked in Distinct Horizons for some time and then she realized that her ideas are not dwelling with how Distinct Horizons is working, so she decided to start her own start-up PureScan AI.She explained fungal issues are the biggest issue in agriculture as it leads to the development of Aflatoxins in plants which can cause malnutrition, immune suppression, stunting in children, etc. She also revealed how Alfatoxins are monitored during transactions. Their company is currently in the process of implementing pilots in MP, UP, and AP, she added. PureScan AI has been ranked in the Top 10 startups in India with global potential (AIT). In the end, she added that we should co-create our team. In the coming five years, Manasa wants to bring a great change in the quality of food that Indians put on their plate.

Mr. Arpit Dhupar, CEO of Dharaksha, is a technology enthusiast who strongly believes that the solutions to the biggest problems can be found in the implementation of simple technologies.


Eliminate pollution from the combustion of fossil fuels and enable access to clean air across the globe by using our technology to convert pollution to ink and paints.
He familiarized us with the Law of Averages and how to use it to enhance your business. He added that he always had a lot of choices but he decided to struggle and do something impactful. He told that he traveled to different states of India for 6 months to get deep insights into the problem of waste crops and then he came up with the concept of utilizingwaste crops and converting them into packaging material and this took him 2 years of research and development.

Arpit has been brought up in city of Delhi, which is hard hit with air pollution. Determined to solve this problem, Arpit co-founded Chakr Innovation.
He is also listed in Forbes 30 under 30 and made it to Young Champion of the Earth at a very young age. He is currently working on R&D projects which can have a meaningful impact on society. Technologies like renewable energy, pollution reduction devices and farm mechanization top his interest list. Always ready to discuss entrepreneurship.

“Then the final speaker of the conclave was invited, Mr. Deepak Meena, co-founder, and CEO of Flyzy. He is someone who has had to fight against all obstacles to achieve success, and he understands what it is to put your blood, sweat, and tears into doing something. Mr. Deepak is an IITian and founded Flyzy in 2019 to address a critical issue in the commercial airline business. He faced this problem himself when he was travelling for a competition in New York. He had to take a reconnecting flight from Delhi to Beijing in order to reach New York as there were no direct flights available at that time and due to some internal problems within the airline, his luggage got misplaced and his flight got 18 hours delayed. It was at this

the point that he realized that a passenger flying does not know his way around an airport and, as a result, has a slew of problems when this sort of situation arises.

His company Flyzy, provides information to the passengers about the airport and is determined to get the whole airport on the passenger’s phone.

All of the co-founders, including Mr. Deepak, were in college when they founded this company. He told that they were chastised for not being able to attend college classes and many people doubted that three college students could effectively run a company. They also had a difficult time hiring a financial adviser for the company since most of them demanded equity and the founders were hesitant to give away free equity. After going through as many as 300 interviews, they were able to find the right advisors and didn’t have to give away equity. He demonstrated the value of endurance and resilience to the students throughout his speech. Flyzy is now operating at six domestic airports, with intentions to expand to countries like the United Arab Emirates. Deepak concluded his speech by emphasizing the importance of thinking big and never doubting oneself.

FIELD1 Name Enrollment No. Course Class
1 Shreyans Bhattacharjee 12717701720 BBA BBA 3A
2 Charvi Luthra 3417701720 BBA BBA 3A
3 Aarushi Sood 129801720 BBA BBA 3D
4 Tseten Dorjee Bhutia 9229801720 BBA BBA 3E
5 Vaibhav Maniktahla 9629801720 BBA BBA 3E
6 Yash Jindal 10229801720 BBA BBA 3E
7 Bhavya Bohra 2629801720 BBA BBA 3E
8 Srishti Singh 36029801720 BBA BBA 3E
9 Majid Latief Ratta 54 BBA BBA 3E
10 Ria Gupta 6929801720 BBA BBA 3E
11 Ritika gupta 7029801720 BBA BBA 3E
12 Preksha Dhawan 6629801720 BBA BBA 3E
13 Shruti sharma 8629801720 BBA BBA 3E
14 RAJAT BHADER 2317701719 BBA BBA 5A
15 Namit Jain 4217701719 BBA BBA 5A
16 Archita Gupta 3417701719 BBA BBA 5A
17 Parul Bharti 117701719 BBA BBA 5A
18 Liza 4617701719 BBA BBA 5A
19 Parakh Agrawal 4017701719 BBA BBA 5A
20 Pranjal Radhwani 3817701719 BBA BBA 5A
21 Sneha Bansal 1417701719 BBA BBA 5A
22 Bhavik Aggarwal 3217701719 BBA BBA 5A
23 Ayushi Singhania 2617701719 BBA BBA 5A
24 Kavya Jain 1017701719 BBA BBA 5A
25 Kartik garg 517701719 BBA BBA 5A
26 mitali jindal 35117701719 BBA BBA 5A
27 Pulkit Advani 5917701719 BBA BBA 5A
28 Chhavi Madan 3017701719 BBA Bba 5a
29 Chinmay Chadha 917701719 BBA BBA 5A
30 Darpan guglani 9517701719 BBA BBA 5B
31 Shrey Mehra 9317701719 BBA BBA 5B
32 Hridey Chimnani 8417701719 BBA BBA 5B
33 Jasmeet Kaur Dhillon 5417701718 BBA BBA 5B
34 Tripti Kakkar 6217701719 BBA BBA 5B
35 Abhay Dhiman 7817701719 BBA BBA 5B
36 Vansh Sehgal 9917701719 BBA BBA 5B
37 Khushboo Gupta 7517701719 BBA BBA 5B
38 Raina Motihar 6117701719 BBA BBA 5B
39 HIya Shah 10217701719 BBA BBA 5B
40 Tanish 8017701719 BBA BBA 5B
41 Krishna kumar 6617701719 BBA BBA 5B
42 Smarth munjal 100017701719 BBA BBA 5B
43 Abhimanyu Marwah 7117701719 BBA BBA 5B
44 Malika Sehgal 7917701719 BBA BBA 5B
45 Himani Bansal 35717701719 BBA BBA 5B
46 Manav Monga 35817701719 BBA BBA 5B
47 Varun jain 35917701719 BBA BBA 5B
48 SWEETY SHARMA 6817701719 BBA BBA 5C
49 Swapnil Chaba 10917701719 BBA BBA 5C
50 Atishey Jain 13417701719 BBA BBA 5C
51 Sanskar Bajaj 15417701719 BBA BBA 5C
52 Swasti Maheshwari 15717701719 BBA BBA 5C
53 Divya 14417701719 BBA BBA 5c
54 RAHUL MATHUR 14617701719 BBA BBA 5C
55 Lashika Garg 36617701719 BBA BBA 5C
56 Aagam Jain 15017701719 BBA BBA 5C
57 Arpit Saxena 12617701719 BBA Bba 5C
58 Niharika Tayal 14717701719 BBA BBA 5C
59 KANIKA JAIN 36517701719 BBA BBA 5C
60 Parth Pahuja 15117701719 BBA BBA 5c
61 mansi singh 7517701718 BBA BBA 5C
62 Dhruv Maini 12917701719 BBA BBA 5C
63 Nirbhay Monga 11317701719 BBA BBA 5C
64 GARV CHHABRA 11917701719 BBA BBA 5C
65 Ishika Jain 10717701719 BBA BBA 5C
66 Yashica Chugh 11017701719 BBA BBA 5C
67 Sahil Kumar 13917701719 BBA BBA 5C
68 Anshul Sharma 13117701719 BBA BBA 5C
69 Sahil Kumar 13917701719 BBA BBA 5C
70 Aman Trehan 14117701719 BBA BBA 5C
71 Raghvendra Gupta 13817701719 BBA Bba 5c
72 shivam pankaj 14517701719 BBA BBA 5C
73 ISHITA ARORA 2529801719 BBA BBA 5D
74 Maanya Agarwal 3929801719 BBA BBA 5D
75 Hredey Arora 1829801719 BBA BBA 5D
76 Manan khanna 35829801719 BBA BBA 5D
77 Yukti atal 4529801719 BBA BBA 5D
78 DAKSH ANEJA 3529801719 BBA BBA 5D
79 Rishabh Mathur 629801719 BBA BBA 5D
80 Adnan Firoz 3429801719 BBA BBA 5D
81 ROHAN KUMAR JHA0 3329801719 BBA BBA 5D
82 Navdha singhal 5039801719 BBA BBA 5D
83 Abhinav Gupta 3029801719 BBA BBA 5D
84 Aashi Mittal 2129801719 BBA BBA 5D
85 Sanya Puri 829801719 BBA BBA 5D
86 Ishank Budhraja 35329801719 BBA BBA 5D
87 Keshav Chawla 1129801719 BBA BBA 5D
88 Piyush Dhingra 2429801719 BBA BBA 5D
89 Khushi Kumar 929801719 BBA BBA 5D
90 Tushar Anand 3729801719 BBA BBA 5D
91 Khushi Wadhwa 4829801719 BBA BBA 5D
92 Kanika kalra 2029801719 BBA BBA 5D
93 Akshit Sharma 1929801719 BBA BBA 5D
94 Anushka Nagpal 1729801719 BBA BBA 5D
95 Manav Gupta 3629801719 BBA BBA 5D
96 Akshita Gupta 6929801719 BBA BBA 5E
97 Armaan Asri 10529801719 BBA BBA 5E
98 Ushanshi Sharma 10229801719 BBA BBA 5E
99 Arpit Narula 7329801719 BBA BBA 5E
100 Tanjul Jain 7429801719 BBA BBA 5E
101 Tulica Mittal 9629801719 BBA BBA 5E
102 Siddharth Shankar 5729801719 BBA BBA 5E
103 Akshit Agrawal 8229801719 BBA BBA 5E
104 Ishita Mathur 10729801719 BBA BBA 5E
105 Siddharth Sakeri 6629801719 BBA BBA 5E
106 Astha sethi 6029801719 BBA BBA 5E
107 Dikshant Agarwal 9529801719 BBA 5E
108 Daksh jajoria 9129801719 BBA Bba 5e
109 Khushi goel 6829801719 BBA BBA 5E
110 Jai 46 BBA BBA3E
111 Lakshit Munjal 14017701719 BBA BBB 5C
112 Ishaan sethi 2017788819 BCOM Bcom 5a
113 Archit Bansal 2917788820 BCOM BCOM 3A
114 Pratham garg 36317788820 BCOM Bcom 3A
115 Anmol Pasricha 2317788820 BCOM Bcom 3A
116 Mayank Bhatnagar Nigam 9017788820 BCOM BCOM 3A
117 Bhavya gupta 4117788820 BCOM Bcom 3a
118 Gautam Verma 5817722280 BCOM BCOM 3A
119 Tanish jain 13817788820 BCOM Bcom 3A
120 Tanmay Goel 13917788820 BCOM BCOM 3A
121 Pratham Bhandari 1061778820 BCOM BCOM 3A
122 Garima jain 50717788820 BCOM Bcom 3a
123 Arjun Lamba 4217788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
124 Shreepad Rastogi 35417788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
125 Saurav 4917788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
126 Yatin Arora 117788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
127 Ashish sharma 3717788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
128 Tanishka Sharma 4017788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
129 Aryaman Agarwal 3417788819 BCOM Bcom 5a
130 Adidev Lakshminarayanan 3317788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
131 Kartik Bansal 3217788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
132 Hrishabh srivastava 12517788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
133 Abhishek Gupta 1517788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
134 Aman Arora 1317788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
135 Rudra arora 35617788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
136 Harsh Tanwar 217788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
137 Tanishq singh 4717788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
138 Dev patawari 2417788819 BCOM BCom 5A
139 Harman Deep 3517788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
140 Ishanki Singh 2317788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
141 Lakshay Jindal 3817788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
142 Kartik aggarwal 35217788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
143 Deeksha Chawla 4817788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
144 Sushant Singh 5217788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
145 Mehul Gulati 9117788820 BCOM BCOM 5A
146 Tejas maggo 3017788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
147 Lalit Koli 1417788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
148 Rick Emmanuel Major 1117788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
149 Mayank rawat 2817788819 BCOM Bcom 5a
150 Sanya Jain 1717788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
151 Amandeep Nagpal 317788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
152 Dhruv kansal 1917788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
153 Sudhir Kumar 2917788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
154 Mitali Vasudev 3117788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
155 Harshita Singhal 1817788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
156 Aastha Magon 2717788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
157 Yashvi Rai 917788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
158 Nitin 2117788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
159 Sarthak agrawal 2517788819 BCOM BCOM 5A
160 Prateek Gupta 1217788819 BCOM Bcom 5A
161 Mayank sood 8117788819 BCOM Bcom 5B
162 Bhavya Jindal 36017788819 BCOM Bcom 5B
163 Nakul Harwani 6417788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
164 Vibhas Ranjan Mishra 9217788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
165 Yash jain 5317788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
166 Gaurang Wadhwa 6717788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
167 Shubham Jain 10217788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
168 Harshita gupta 35717788819 BCOM Bcom 5b
169 Arushi Sikka 5817788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
170 Lovi Garg 5717788819 BCOM bcom 5B
171 apoorv parashar 7917788819 BCOM Bcom 5B
172 Sehej Aggarwal 9617788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
173 Shivam Singh 8217788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
174 Yash Arora 7717788819 BCOM Bcom 5B
175 Vanshika Sethi 7417788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
176 Shelly Banga 8817788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
177 Vipin Goel 9017788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
178 Yash Chaudhary 35817788819 BCOM BCom 5b
179 Shruti Garg 8917788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
180 Shubham Goyal 6117788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
181 Arnav Sharma 6517788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
182 Yash Aggarwal 7517788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
183 Jasneet singh khurana 8717788819 BCOM Bcom 5B
184 Shashwat Gupta 8617788819 BCOM BCOM 5B
185 Chitraksh batra 36217788819 BCOM Bcom 5B
186 Saranya Batra 10117788819 BCOM Bcom 5B
187 Vidhi Gupta 12917788819 BCOM Bcom 5C
188 Devashi Garg 11217788819 BCOM Bcom 5C
189 Apoorv Jain 12317788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
190 Shivanshu Mittal 13317788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
191 Naman Bhardwaj 11617788819 BCOM Bcom 5C
192 Aniket Kumar 14917788819 BCOM Bcom 5c
193 Ujjwal Wason 10517788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
194 Nirriti Kumar 15217788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
195 VASU JINDAL 14817788819 BCOM Bcom 5c
196 Satyam 15417788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
197 Janvi Segal 14317788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
198 Ayush Agarwal 11317788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
199 Ansh Arora 11717788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
200 Anshu Kumar 15017788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
201 Yashika garg 36817788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
202 Vanshika Gossain 13617788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
203 Tushaar Sehgal 36717788819 BCOM BCOM 5C
204 Devesh Vashist 13917788819 BCOM Bcom 5c

ED Conclave 2019

The Entrepreneurship Club “Antha Prerna” of Vivekananda School of Business Studies (VSBS) organized an Entrepreneurship Conclave on 4th September, 2019 for the current batch of students across courses & semesters. The theme of the conclave is “Give flight to your dreams”, inspired from a quote by Walt Disney’s i.e All Dreams Come True If You Have the Courage to Pursue Them.

The objective of the conclave is to familiarize young management students about the endless possibilities of entrepreneurship through stories of successful ventures who made it despite impossible odds stacked against them. The six of the most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs were invited to share their experiences, stories and insights with the students. The hosts of the event Ms. Ashu Aggarwal invited the dignitaries to occupy the dais. Dr. Indira Bhardwaj (Dean, VSBS) and Prof. Meenakshi Gandhi welcomed all the dignitaries by felicitating them with bouquets and souvenirs.

The event further proceeded by inviting the first speaker for the day, Mr. Advait Kumar, Co-founder, Swajal. He developed India’s first “Water ATM”where you put in a coin and the machine dispenses water. He holds the trademark for its design. The idea behind the creation is decentralization of availability of clean drinking water and rein in on the rising commercialization of the most precious commodity through packaged water industry. In many ways his venture serves the “Botton of the pyramid”and has vast social impact. But he can’t be labeled as a “Social entrepreneur” as he also started “Water Cube” which caters to big corporates such as PWC, KPMG etc.


He graduated from PENN Grad school and worked as an Investment banker in JP Morgan. But the entrepreneurship bug caught up with him. The journey of Entrepreneurship has not been easy for him as he started three start-ups namely Mindkart, Nirbhaya Urja and PayClap but everytime he failed. Despite massive setbacks, he did’nt give in and kept trying. He got through an MBA programme at prestigious Chicago Booth School of Business but dropped out in just 1 day as the cost of education in US is extremely high.

He defined an “Entrepreneur” as someone who takes a financial risk in the hope of earning profit. He believes you don’t become your own boss as an Entrepreneur, instead, everyone is your boss. He further gave a very interesting analogy to tell audience who an entrepreneur really is – according to him, he is someone who is flying in a plane, pushed out and now he has to create a parachute before hitting the ground. He said entrepreneurs are crazies, rebels and misfits who pushed the industry towards change and force nations to take a great leap forward. He emphasized that India’s MSME’s are the real backbone of the economy. Lastly, he said, his only regret in life is he did’nt quit sooner.

The next speaker who came onto the podium to share his experiences was Mr. Pushpinder Singh, Founder, Travel Khana. He identified the problem of poor quality food in Indian trains and decided to address it through his venture. He cited statistics to offer perspective to the audience about the size of the target market, according to him, there are 8.5 Billion train rides in an year, which means the entire Australia’s population is travelling from one place to another per week.


After problem identification, he did pilot studies to decide which specific cities or routes to target in the initial phase of the business. He shortlisted 12 cities and picked Jaipur as the first station to supply good quality food to passengers. It was very difficult to convince restaurants to agree to supply to Indian railways, but with great efforts, he managed to convince a few of them. He talked about how he took out pamphlets and distributed in AC class and few in sleeper class as well. A small call centre of 3 guys was set up to attend calls, but the response was so overwhelming that he was able to scale up the operations and assisted Govt. of India in regulating the sector.

The next speaker was Mr. Saurabh Jain who is one of a kind personality as he is a chartered accountant and an expert in computer programming. Currently, he is the Vice President of Paytm. He shared his childhood dream of creating a game not just playing it. He was fascinated by programming languages but had to settle for opting commerce due to life’s circumstances. But he continued to pursue his passion as he applied real-time concepts of Geometry, Trigonometry etc. and ended up writing the first book on mobile applications programming. He created an accounting software ‘Tally’ in Beta form in 2002.

He stressed on glaring gaps that exists between the kind of education imparted in schools and colleges and what the industry expects, according to him, the line between Engineering and Management gets blurred when it comes to practicing entrepreneurship. He shared his story of earning $15 through Google affiliate marketing program in 1998, explained how difficult it was to make people use Google, but today it’s a tech giant.

He further elucidated 8 types of intelligence that must be present in an entrepreneur – Logical (sharp analytical mind), Linguistic (good language skills), intra-personal (knowing why you are pursuing the given path), inter-personal (networking), naturalistic (instinctive), spatial, kinesthetic and creative. According to him, the Paytm founder Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma possess all 8 types of intelligence and is a great role model for the youth. He said the Paytm has been able to reduce barriers and provide world-class user experience to customers. According to him, technology not legislation is the answer to curb corruption in India and Paytm has contributed immensely in addressing this problem. Finally, he urged everyone to pick one problem of India and come out with creative solutions as the country needs us.

The next speaker was Mr. Sivesh Kumar who is the founder of Start-up Monk. He pursued his graduation from Delhi University in the field of statistics, but he knew that this is not something he wants to do in his life. He worked in a garments export house for 3 months as an intern and then worked for free only to learn the tricks of the trade. He then moved on and tried his hand in Entrepreneurship, he started two ventures and both failed in a short period of time.


He learned important lessons from failures and incorporated the learnings in his third venture which was an event management company, which he subsequently sold for a decent sum of money. He worked in World Bank in the HR domain for three years. But his hunger to start something of his own was still there, so he created a start-up with the money he earned from selling the company to help start-ups meet potential investors. At one of the PITCH sessions at IIT Roorkee, he saw students presenting a machine that can recycle plastic using solar power, he was particularly impressed with the idea, so he acted as a bridge between students and municipal bodies who would find this technology really handy.

Further, he has developed a mobile app with his friend working in PWC Australia to make students interview ready, till now there are 12,000 downloads and 8,000 are active users. He believes the start-up ecosystem in India is still unorganized. He is working with over 30 E-cells of different colleges including IIT-Delhi, IIT-Kharagpur, IIT-Madras, DTU etc. and helped them take their ideas from thinking to execution stage. Finally, he said that “Flipkart, Paytm and Oyo” represents the big triumvirate of India’s start-up community which has inspired a whole generation of entrepreneurs.

The next speaker was Mr. Prateek Sharma, Co-founder and CEO of Nanoclean Global Pvt. Lts which manufactures Nazofilters, a nanotech innovation to provide purified air to people. He has won numerous awards and recognitions including Start Up National Award 2017 from the President of India.

He shared a story of how his venture came into being. He first identified the problem statement i.e air quality is very bad and face mask is not the solution. He told the audience that his mother is suffering from asthma and she struggles to breathe air particularly in Bikaner, Rajasthan which is known for massive sand storms. He went to IIT-Delhi and conceptualized a filter made of nano fibres, along with a friend, he was able to secure patent for the technology in 108 countries. He believes the most important part of start-up is “START”. He emphasized on having right set of people with right set of incentives for them to believe in your vision. His ultimate dream is to have India be recognized among elite group of countries (US, China, Japan, South Korea) that can mass produce using nano-fibres.

The last speaker for the event was Mr. Rudra Srivastava who is a partner in a prestigious law firm Singhania & Partners. He shed light on the various forms of ownership that an entrepreneur can choose while he is launching his idea. He explained the benefits and shortcomings of sole proprietorship, Limited liability Partnership, Private Ltd. Co, One man company etc. He believes that if you have a concrete idea and an executable plan, it’s always better to have a formalized set up, as even bright ideas can fail if done in an unorganized manner.


He stressed on the fact that there should be absolute clarity between founders and promoters before they take a plunge into entrepreneurship. He provided an example of three brilliant minds who had an amazing idea in the e-commerce space particularly in fashion accessories segment but they had major disagreements pertaining to dilution of equity to outside investors. The result is all three of them are working in different organizations while the venture is finished. He said that the solution to avoid such problems is having a legally binding “founders’ agreement’.

The event concluded with Dr. Indira Bhardwaj, Dean VSBS proposing a vote of thanks. She expressed the feeling of richness and liveliness that she felt throughout the session. Finally, there was a Q&A between the panelists and the audience where each of the speakers answered queries of students pertaining to idea generation, funding, government schemes, legal aspects etc.

ED Conclave 2018

An Entrepreneurship Development conclave was organized by the Vivekananda School of Business Studies on the 9th October 2018 to familiarize young business management students, who aspire to be future entrepreneurs, with the nuances of entrepreneurial ventures. The event started with welcoming of the guests Mr. Rajive Gulati from Hartron, “Govt. of Haryana”, Ms. Anu Meena from “Agrowave”, Mr. Sumit Nayak who is the Cofounder of “Staqu”, Mr. Punit Jain from “IncubateInd” by Prof. (Dr.) Rattan Sharma (Chairperson, VSBS), Prof. B.T. Kaul (Chairperson, VLS).

The conclave was attended by 138 students from 3rd year B.Com (Hons) and 90 students from 3rd year BBA.

Dr. Meenakshi Gandhi, Professor, VSBS conducted the panel discussion. The panel started with the discussion on how all the guests identified their ideas or where they got the push to start their own business.

They all come with their on perspectives on the same, Ms. Anu Meena from Agrowave quoted that ”Presenting an idea is as important as having an idea” to which all the entrepreneurs agreed. The students were also enlightened on market research for funding. They told the students how important it is to choose the right type of investors for their company and how to face problems arising in the prototypes of their business.


Mr. Punit Jain informed the students that he had bootstrapped his organization starting from just Rs. 20000 and took that business north of Rs. 1 crore. He showed the students a video about his organization and informed them that he had to make 120 corrections in his first presentation.

Mr. Rajive Gulati from Hartron, talked about the “Student StartUp Movement” where they sensitize the students how can the make their dreams come true. They have also been organizing hackathons with tie ups with international organizations.

The students were informed that money is not the problem as there are a lot of government initiatives that help them start their own business the problem is the idea. “When your idea is disruptive enough there is nothing to stop you.”

They talked about the challenges one faces in a startup pertaining to personal life and other social issues. The best way to face challenges was to find a good mentor. The students were also informed about the different routes of funding they could take, how much equity to dilute. It was said that ”If you could run your business with debt, then never give up equity”.

While taking seed funding the students were asked to make sure not to dilute more than 25% of equity. Ms. Anu Meena also conducted an activity inviting students to the stage and asking them about a problem and then a solution for the same problem and asking how they could create a startup out of it.

Dr. Indira Bhardwaj, Dean, VSBS, gave away the final vote of thanks, by appreciating the efforts of the coordinating team, applauding and thanking the entrepreneurs who took out time for motivating our students.