Enactus VIPS started its journey in the year 2019 with a dream to empower, engage and edify people from all walks of life. Here, the team with the constant support of our encouraging faculty became a family striving to do better and make every second of their life count towards a better cause. The journey might have just begun for us but it is not halting anytime soon. With 3 projects and big & little achievements under our belt and many upcoming ones, we believe the only thing holding us back is our imagination.

Our first-ever launch was for the project “Upcycle”, with a vision to recreate the waste generated into something useful and therefore, repeating the process for the betterment of society and nature along with the help of the students who took part in the paper collection drive that made the project such a success.

Coming to some other feats of achievements, Enactus VIPS proudly set up a stall at ‘Initio’19’, Annual Management fest of Vivekananda School of Business Studies. With a Halloween-themed setup, the aim was to spread the message of sustainability with the help of selling up-cycled products. Not limited to this, It was full of Fun and Food in terms of games and brownies sold which led to great interaction and better times.

Also, on the 19th of November’19, Enactus VIPS collaborated with Sulabh International on the event of ‘International Toilet Day’ to spread the message of ‘proper sanitization’ to the people who were still oblivious to it. With the help of Sulabh school sanitation club and Vivaran: The dramatics society of VSBS, events awe-inspired the audience. From Quizzes to Kathak performance, it featured it all. Not to forget the felicitation of Hon’ble Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder of ‘Sulabh International’ was also undertaken by the team and it was an enriching experience


After this, came “Project Nidaagh” which is a gift that keeps on giving. A recurring project, Nidaagh’s core value, and foundation are to help those in need during such testing times. It features a cloth donation drive to the less grateful section of the society. It is indeed, a way to spread across warmth and joy every year and lend a helping hand in need

Not just limited to the walls of VIPS, Enactus VIPS has gained its reputation at a variety of other locations. By setting up their stalls and their rep at Colleges like Ramjas College, Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, and Miranda House, University of DU. The opportunity to be able to present the newly-launch project Kalpataru to the world was not the one to miss. The stall majorly sold eco-friendly products made solely from recycled paper including pencils, paper pens, seed notebooks, notepads, table organizers, and paper bags. It also featured games to further garner attention and again, was a worthy interaction with people from different walks of life
Now a little something about Aaveg’20, the annual fest of Enactus VIPS started its preparation as a Campus fest but due to the pandemic, everything came to a standstill. When there was no silver lining on a cloudy day, Our team went looking for it, with their eagerness and dedication didn’t lose hope.  From scratch again, preparations began again. The only change? It became a digital fest. First-ever digital fest in the history of GGSIPU. From Aaveg’20 to e-Aaveg’20, a digital transition came forward. In terms of enthusiasm, energy, and commitment, it still was unmatched. From schools to colleges, no stone was left unturned as individuals from every corner came forth to take part and make our fest a success. Indeed, a gala that left no frown turned upside-down.  Aaveg’20 was a combination of learning, bonding, and new experiences which will always be a reminder of how Enactus VIPS rose even in the worst of situations and came through.

Last but not the least, even if 2020 was the year of hardships and what not, Our team didn’t hold back and came out with “Nidaagh 2.0” while taking care of precautions and measures needed to make this drive a smoother and better one than our previous one. We realised that be it Covid-19 or not, the winters are still going to be as harsh as ever, and we need to do our bit to overcome the trouble it brings for the people in need. Therefore, marking the 2nd year of “Project Nidaagh” which still serves it’s purpose of making the world a better place.