CSR Conclave

Mask-O-Mania event

Name of the Organizing Department: Vivekananda School of Business Studies
Type of Activity/Event: Competition
Title of Activity/Event: Mask – O – Mania
Dates: 8th December ,2020
Venue: Online Mode

Notice of the announcement of Activity / Event: “The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” So here we call upon you to put across your creativity in the best way possible!
CSR CELL, VSBS presents
MASK-O-MANIA – Mask Making Competition
1. 3 layer mask
2. Wearable and Breathable material (preferably cotton)
The current scenario, Covid 19 has made us realize how important it is to wear a mask. Mask has become a basic necessity nowadays.

Process to participate in the competition
1. Register on the link- https://forms.gle/3MjNmy1DyW2Erz8H6
2. Record the making of a mask and upload on the link (out on 10th December 2020
1) Entries of ready-made masks will not be considered.
2) Dimensions of the Mask – 15cm x 11cm
3) Material of the mask should be of wearable quality.
4) Theme of the competition is covid awareness
5) After completion of making the mask you need to donate it to a person in need, Click a picture of yourself along with the the person with the mask and send it across to us.
6) Along with the photos of mask you need to send a 30-sec video of you making the mask.

Note: -Proper hygiene must be followed by the participants while preparation of Masks.
-Properly sanitised material must be used.
For more information, feel free to contact
Harshit Banga: +91 99113 27958 Event Organisation Head
Vanshika Jain: +91 98990 61383 Operations Head
Team CSR

Report of the Event: CSR Cell, VSBS, VIPS orgazised a Mask Making Competition in December 2020. Seeing the current scenario, CSR orgazised a Mask Making Competition on theme COVID-19 Awareness. Registrations to fill the form were open from 10th December 2020 to 15th December 2020 and the last date to submit the entries was 18th December 2020. In this competition, students were asked to prepare a 3 layered mask of wearable and breathable material to showcase their creativity in the best way possible. After the completion they were required to donate it to the person in need. Participants were asked to send a picture of themselves with the person to whom they had donated the mask and a small video of them of about 30 seconds was requested while making the mask. Proper hygiene was maintained by the participants and well sanitized material was used. The response was tremendous and the entries were received in huge numbers. Prize Distribution Ceremony of Mask-O-Mania the Mask Making Competition was held on 21st December 2020, Monday at 2:15 pm to announce the winners. During the Prize Distribution Ceremony, Dr. Indira Bhardawaj Ma’am (Dean VSBS) appreciated all the participants, winners and coordinators of the event for their efforts and the winners were announced. The criteria for selecting the winners was to choose the best 3 entries but due to heavy competition and hard work put forward by the participants, the best 4 submissions were selected.
• The 4th position was won by Mitali Vasudev of BCOM 3A.
• The 3rd position was won by Saranya Batra of BCOM 3A.
• The 2nd position was won by Shumaila Rizvi of BCOM 3B.
• The 1st position was won by Arnav Sharma of BCOM 3B.
Students were awarded to Certificate of Participation. The ceremony was concluded by giving a vote of thanks to Honorable Dean Ma’am for her kind words congratulating the participants and Sarah Ahtesham Ma’am for her moral guidance and support to the students throughout the event.

Mitali Vasudev (4th position)

Saranya Batra (3rd position)

Shumaila Rizvi (2nd position)

Arnav Sharma (1st position)

Maintenance and Welfare of Senior Citizens in India

A webinar was organized on 30th September 2020 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm by the CSR Cell, VSBS, VIPS on “Maintenance and Welfare of Senior Citizens in India.” The webinar witnessed an audience of students from BBA and Bom(h). The speaker of the webinar was Dr. Tushti Bhardwaj (Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College, University of Delhi) The main objective of the webinar was to remind the students of their responsibility towards senior citizens. It brought an opportunity to understand the nitty-gritty of Elderly Care to prepare oneself to take care of those who once cared for us. The speaker discussed old age as a period of physical declines such as a decline in
capabilities of their sensory organs resulting in loss of vision, hearing, smell, skin pigmentation, etc. with other psychological problems like loss of memory, difficulty in learning new things, feeling of isolation, loneliness, and anxiety. In a situation like this what they really want is the company of their children and grandchildren and to be loved and taken care of. The Indian culture encourages children to live with their parents and grandparents as a joint family but with the recent advent of modern culture, the children send their parents to old age homes or shelters to avoid the’ ‘burden’ of looking after their parents. The speaker’s only request was to look after those who brought you into this world and to meet them regularly and nurture them as a child as they did for us. To emphasize more that she advanced an Act presented by the Parliament of India in 2007. The objective of the act was enacted with a view to providing for more effective provisions for maintenance and welfare of the senior citizens, wherein the provisions included a monthly allowance of max 10,000 p/m, Medical support by providing extra beds in Govt. hospitals and separate queues for the senior citizens, and in case the children/relative fail to take care and maintain the elderly, the transfer of property would be considered void. In the end, she concluded by glorifying the senior citizens as a valuable resource and presented the different levels which engaged the elderly for community development.

CSR Conclave 2021

Name of the Organizing Department: Vivekananda School of Business Studies

Type of Activity/Event (Conference / Workshop/ FDP/ etc.): CSR Conclave 2021

Title of Activity/Event: “CSR Strategies for Indian Inc. Post Covid’19”

Date, Time& Venue: 20th March 2021, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Venue: Online (Zoom Application)

Notice of the announcement of Activity / Event:

image (16)

List of Faculty Attendees / Participants:

  • Dr. Avantika Raina
  • Dr. Sarah Ahtesham
  • Dr. Shailly Bhasin
  • Dr. Swati Narula
  • Dr Poonam Khurana
  • Dr. Jatin Vaid

List of Student Attendees / Participants

  • Suruchi Luthra
  • Yash Aggarwal
  • Amaan Iqbal
  • Deepak Bisht
  • Hardik Khandelwal
  • Puneet Singh
  • Ritika Jain
  • Samyak Jain
  • Astha Sethi
  • Raghav Garg
  • Shivam Singh
  • Yashvi Rai
  • Jasneet Singh
  • Chhavi Madan
  • Mayank Sagar
  • Mohini Gupta
  • Abhinav Gupta
  • Arjun Lamba
  • Dikshant Agarwal
  • Ishwar kaushik
  • Chirag Juneja
  • Vanshika Gupta
  • Shaily Yadav
  • Ishank Budhraja
  • Ayush Agarwal
  • Devansh Kamboj
  • Priyashi Saxena
  • Navya Gupta
  • Anushka
  • Srishti Kapur
  • Tanmay Goel
  • Lakshay Garg
  • Harsh Vardhan
  • Vanshika Jain
  • Aakriti Jain
  • Hardik Jain
  • Ridhi Jain
  • Vanshika Gossain
  • Kashish Beriwal
  • Divyam Manchanda

List of Student Attendees / Participants

Feedback received from the participants of the event: Yes

Sample copies of the certificates distributed (few for records): N/A

Report of the event with Photographs: Enclosed

Video of the event (if, applicable): YES

Name of the Guest(s) / Speaker(s) & Brief Profile

Dr. Mayank Shersiya, Surveillance Medical Officer at World Health Organization. Dr. Shersiya is a public health professional with field to national level experience in diverse domains. He has contributed in areas of health policies and implementation, health system strengthening, programmatic review and analysis, monitoring & evaluation, capacity building, grant proposals, through his work at NITI Aayog, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and World Health Organization.

Mr. Praveen Kumar Karn, Head Group Corporate Communication and CSR at Spark Mall Group. Mr. Praveen is a Post Graduate in Rural Development from XISS who aspires to serve as a catalyst for the development of the less privileged section of society. He was chosen among the 25 CSR professionals of India by CSR Times, declared among the 50 most influential leaders in CSR by World CSR Congress, and 25 Impactful CSR Leaders by India CSR.

Mr. Pavan Kaushik, Corporate Communication and Public Relations Professional at DS Group. He is the founder of the well-known child care campaign “KHUSHI” which provides nutrition, health, and education to deprived rural and tribal people. KHUSHI has almost 3000 centers in Rajasthan today catering to more than 50,000 rural and tribal children. He is also the founder of yet another social campaign on social and economic empowerment of rural and tribal women, SAKHI. There are more than 400 SAKHI centers in Rajasthan today aligning almost 6000 rural women.

Dr. Harish Vasishth, Executive Director at Credibility Alliance. Dr. Vasishth is a national-level consortium of non-profits in India, engaged in promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance through accreditation and capacity building. He has over 25 years of experience in the development sector and acquired excellence in the area of civil society strengthening, capacity building, strategic planning, organizational development, and strengthening local self-governance institutions in India and the South Asian region

Vivekananda School of Business Studies organized CSR Conclave 2021 on the topic “CSR Strategies for Indian Inc. Post Covid’19” on 20th March 2021. Dr. Harish Vasishth, Executive Director at Credibility Alliance; Dr. Mayank Shersiya, Surveillance Medical Officer at World Health Organisation; Mr. Praveen Kumar Karn, Head Group Corporate Communication and CSR at Spark Mall Group Mr. Pavan Kaushik, Corporate Communication and Public Relations Professional at DS Group were the Speakers of the Event. There were 253 registrations for the event.Dr. Mayank Shersiya explained about the COVID vaccination process, COVID Vaccines available in India and their effectiveness. He also quoted “One shoe does not fit all” to imply that different strategies for vaccination needs to implemented in order to cater the entire population.

Mr. Praveen Kumar Karn gave us insights on budget allocation for CSR activities. He emphasized on prioritization of social and economic profiling to understand the need of services at different geographical places. Mr. Pavan Kaushik, through his very own experience in social campaigns guided the audience to first detect the issues and problems of rural people to make an action plan for CSR Activity. He also persuaded to begin charity from home by extending ones social responsibility towards their own house help and employees. Lastly, Dr. Harish Vasishth shared his views on overviewing strategies towards CSR, the Challenges associated and the accessibility to CSR resources and opportunities.

The session was open for question-and-answer round with lots of students putting out questions for the speakers for the day. The session was well received by everyone and the students gave a very positive feedback.